Shifting Intentions: A New Direction for My Site and Journal

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As I have had this blog going for a short while now, I have felt a block between my subject of choice and the flow of drive and words necessary to post frequently. It has become something that I was eager to start, but rarely return to with inspired thoughts and ideas.

Recently, I have made the choice to redirect my energies to be more cohesive with the life I am striving to live, more inline with the person I am working to become. It would be safe to say that the majority or really the entirety of my 26 years in this life have been directed and dedicated to creative entities. This is just my nature. It is a path that will never leave my inner compass. But in the past few years, I have began to expand my awareness to the many, many health, wellness, community and environmental issues that greatly affect our world today. I have begun to open my eyes to just how little we all allow ourselves to be in tune with our instinctive nature, as if trying to live in a state of blissful ignorance.

But how blissful is that place we stand when we begin to feel completely disconnected from the messages our bodies are working tirelessly to tell us everyday? How much bliss can we experience when we are constantly pushing to be farther out of balance from nature and the natural world and more seamlessly integrate technology and the like into our daily routines and lives? What happens when we become severely disconnected from our own intuition and lose that deep understanding of our own emotions and chemical responses to the circumstances this world forces us to be a part of? What occurs within us when we struggle to create deeply routed human connection in a world of technologically isolated individuals that have forgotten the art of a simple conversation?

Where does that leave us? It leaves us living in a dream like state that does not work cohesively with real life, with the intuitive balance that we are not necessarily meant to understand, but need desperately none the less. Because it is our nature to be in tune with these things. And even to go as far as saying it is our nature to be aligned with nature itself is unnecessary because WE ARE NATURE. Our cells complete the same processes and cycles that plants do. We require the same basic needs of every living thing, whether it be directly connected to the ground or not. How is it that we have become so out of touch with this fact? It is as if we have allowed our intelligent human brains to take over and create all of these amazing things, but in the most fundamental way have forgotten the core of who we are.

In the realm of health and wellness, community and environmental awareness, there is so much to be learned, so much to comprehend. But the basics are within us. They were always there. They are instinctual, just as it is all living organisms instinct to nourish and grow. We may be disconnected, but it is still within us and still within reach if we so choose to expand our awareness to it.

When starting to create my handmade jewelry line, I instantly felt a sense of gratification and pleasure from working with my hands, with metals and minerals, leathers and natural stones. It brought me closer to feeling a connection with the natural world around me, more in tune with the innate drive to be a part of that world. And later as I began to search for a way to allow my jewelry to bring me closer to nature and ultimately general wellness for this world, I discovered the idea of using the purchases I received as a way to give back to the earth in a real way, planting trees. A contribution that continues to directly give back to us in return. An endless transfer of energy, taking a simple action and turning it into a never ending supporting cycle for both the earth we call home and the people we love. It’s a win win!

And it's in this way that I feel that I can connect the work I am trying to do. Both the creative endeavor that I would like to see through and get so much pleasure out of creating, and the greater focus of creating a healthier, more balanced life that aligns with our deeply routed innate nature.

Although I don’t know how much time I will be able to dedicate to this portion of my business right away, I feel that this will become a wonderful place to continue my work as a student of this world and hopefully bring awareness and perspective to someone else out there. To possibly help inspire someone else to bring more balance into their life and their world and also connect with the other minds and hearts with which I share this world.

I hope that I will start to attract readers that are also willing to be forever students and want to realign themselves with the beauty and power that is both within them and surrounding them.

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