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Purpose fuels


Life in Ceremony was born from an innate desire to create homeostasis for my own mind, heart and being. It's a collection of knowledge, curiosity, beauty, tough lessons, and a desire for connection and understanding that has empowered me to take control of my life by ironically surrendering time and time again.


You see, each of us has the unique ability to intentionally create the world around us. Some intentions are reserved just for the individual, but others can be shared to support the community and energy we are calling in at any given stage in our life.


In my own experience, I've found that every instance of our lives forms the perfect opportunity to inspire purpose, belonging and self expression. Life in Ceremony is a reflection of mine. And I hope to utilize it as I continue to grow while building an empowering arsenal for others to look to in their own self discovery. 

Here at Life in Ceremony were passionate about beauty in function, wanderlust, creative living, simple joys, traveling light, finding stillness, and a definition of happiness and success that lives in the eye of the beholder. With an emphasis on profound simplicity and purpose, Life in Ceremony honors intentional and slow living with a holistic foundation.

In gratitude, presence, practice and surrender,


Image by Jaccob McKay

My Journey

I was brought up quite conventionally, but with a bit of unconventional determination. I began pursuing a career as a ballet dancer as a child and focused solely on this effort until the age of 18. After leaving school, moving across the country and then back again to train with prestigious companies, I opted to try out life on my own terms. Returning to San Francisco to study Graphic Design and the arts, I fell in love with the bay area and design. I then served as Creative Director for a small but mighty music festival production company which granted me the ability to get back to the music and fostered a connection to my roots on the stage.

I ventured to learn the craft of jewelry making and took a spin in the markets and in stores

selling my crystals and metalsmith creations. All the while freelancing my design services and learning more and more about my body and the health of our planet (and how they intertwine) in my own research.

After experiencing severe anxiety and physical distress for years from highly demanding work and big life transitions, my need to learn only grew. I found solace in topics such as sustainability, eco consciousness, yoga, meditation, simple living and holistic nutrition. My partner and I, our two cats and dog, Hank, rerouted our lives and moved to the Rocky Mountains, began exploring minimalism and nomadic living, and built our tiny house on wheels, where we lived full-time for almost two years.

After downsizing our needs and shifting my energy to focus on the things that matter most,
I created the space to breath life into my holistic and simple living journey while fostering my creativity through writing, design, and enrolling as a student of Academy Healing Nutrition, where I am proud to say I received my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach.


Now having returned back to my hometown of San Clemente in the abundance of all that is at our fingertips in southern California, I look forward to what this next phase holds and how I may support my community further on their own intentional and simple living paths. How we may all seek deep nourishment and connection to all that surrounds us. I believe there are no greater riches in this life than to live fully and vivaciously with intention in all that we do, while fostering our connection to the land, the community, and the wild wisdom of our own remarkable human nature while simultaneously creating deep healing within.

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