Comfort Breeds Limitation: How Limiting Beliefs Can Creep Up When We're Not Looking

poppy fields, wildflower bloom
Photo: Life in Ceremony

We are a month into the fall season. It's Halloween today, and while many of you may be reuniting with your concept of social gatherings and costumed festivities, I suppose I am in a different headspace all together.

The wet and chilled weather has come and is here to stay it seems. Slowly, the appearance of the sun first thing in the morning has become a treat to relish in. And with these quieter times, there are more days spent at home. More hours to look inward amongst the stillness that approaches with winter on the horizon. This has also become a time for my family to reimagine our spending habits as income slows and we feel the need to save for the many rainy days ahead.

At times I have felt this shift from a place of lack. The desire to acquire things that I do not feel justified in purchasing leaves me at odds with feeling provided for and able to function in my normal ways. As I have reached a point of continuous minimalism over the years, I already approach my spending in a highly intentional way. For the non-essentials, I ponder their value and navigate my purchase from every angle I can think of before embarking on that dopamine high of new and shiny objects entering my life. After choosing a tiny house dwelling, this is not only engrained in me, but a necessity, as I have carved out just enough space for each object I possess. This rarely leaves room for constant additions and I must evaluate what I already have each and every time in the process.

But as I approach this new season with an even more frugal mindset, I have noticed the way that the things I regularly purchase have been fueled more by fear and rigidity than anything else.

Let me explain.

I have spent the last 8 years working towards an intentional lifestyle that is sustainable as I grow and evolve with age. In an all too predictable sense embarking on this minimalist and slow living journey, I have cleared space to very literally feel the underlying effects of my habits. I have delved head-first into anxiety symptoms that when undetected for years. I have looked for balance in my daily routines and efforts. And I have spent countless hours researching and discussing my core health issues that showed their true colors with this newfound presence. Many doctors, self-experiments and rituals later, I have come to a place that I feel is aiding in my healing.

Funny enough, this has always been the place I felt held the most excess, the area I was least able to practice the simplified way of living I have come to know and love. But it's my health. If anything, thats the best place to incorporate more, right?

I've become stuck in my ways of knowing whats good for me, what will keep me well, and what allows my body to function the way it so desperately needs.

And evaluating my spending, as opposing as it may seem, has shown me some stagnant points where this may have become unhealthy in pursuit of ultimate health and well-being. Where I may have allowed limiting beliefs to creep in when I wasn't looking.

There have been many thoughts crossing my mind as I choose to live within smaller means. For example:

  1. I can't (or won't) enjoy my daily coffee without it being made exactly as I like and am ac