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in Our Ever-Changing Climate

We as a society are often so detached from ourselves, our neighbors, and the land in which we inhabit. And in our frustration amidst these layers of disconnection, we have forgotten that so much of what we seek lies within bringing ourselves back to our own intuition. Allowing our inner healer, our inner wisdom, to do the work and lead the way.

I want to help my community relearn the ways of their own unique wisdom and path in this life. Rather than putting the focus on looking to the external to find answers and guidance, we will begin to tune back into our inner voice and the messages our body both gives and receives each and every day to bring us back into alignment.

It will be my greatest honor to further expand my offerings with 1-on-1

Integrative Holistic Wellness Coaching
& Reiki Healing Sessions

We do not only heal from making behavioral and lifestyle changes that promote health and growth, but through the emotional and energetic bonds that tie our human body to our spirit and soulful experience of this world. The interweaving of these elements are inseperable and often forgotten when seeking physical and mental resolve. The combination of earth based, practical wisdom, rooted in ancient tradition and the abundance of information we now have on the science of life, in relation to the somatic therapies and modalities that aim to resolve energetic blockages and bring awareness to the connectivity of our human form, together may very well begin to reinstate your innate vitality and provide balance in our ever-changing inner and outer climates.

I invite you to connect if you are ready to set out on the path of vital
well-being and a peace found only in the deep connection we honor within ourselves and all living things as we pulse as one on this life's journey.
Packages and single sessions (Reiki sessions only) are available. And we happily offer a free initial phone call to connect and discuss whether these services are right for you. 

Please also so kindly subscribe to the newsletter below if you are interested in being informed of upcoming Life In Ceremony events as well as nourishing articles to further expand your healing resources.

I look forward to serving you in your wellness journey as we begin to heal the collective through our own invaluable reawakening.

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Want to get started?
Of Earth & Body – Issue No. 1 for free, our holistic wellness introduction.
The Rewilding Library for further reading and resources.

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