Sunday Expansion No. 3

Photo: Life in Ceremony

Expansion is a series sharing the beautiful, the thought provoking, the inspirational and

the need-to-know discoveries of the week.


Minimalism has instilled such a powerful mentality in my life over the last few years, and many will say the same. The impact recent influences like the "Becoming Minimalist" blog and the Netflix hit Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have hit the ground running for individuals around the globe, while donation centers scramble to sort through the influx of discarded belongings. But if you thought this minimalism kick was a new trend, think again. This TreeHugger article shows that the act of minimalist thinking and living alike have been around for ages and in fact, started with some of the most influential figures from the history books.


In our current fast-paced and short-attention-span way of living, we find ourselves increasingly drawn to do more. To buy more. To become more. But what about actually investing in the choices we have made? Setting aside the time to honor the hobbies we have picked up, the belongings we once found value in? What would life look like if we chose a path that carved way for exploring further into our being and our lifestyle choices as opposed to constantly striving to cover more territory? This thoughtful Raptitude article, Go Deeper, Not Wider, addresses the benefits we might find if we take a step back and appreciate what we have already started.


Another great Tree Hugger article has me feeling more sure than ever that our lives, literally revolve around the sun. The great controversy continues between protecting our skin on the daily from UV rays, naturally conditioning our bodies to accept and thrive off sun exposure, and the toxic tendencies of a lightly regulated sunscreen industry. But experts are seeing that you may be putting yourself and your family more at risk in this present day by over protecting than getting a healthy dose of that good ol' sunshine. There's a reason we are happier in those long summer days. Read more over at Tree Hugger.


These days, the words side hustle and entrepreneur are basically one and the same as the terms "find your passion" and career path. It's the age of being your own boss and creatively finding solutions to keep up with the Joneses. But something we as a society have lost site of is the joy that comes from perhaps engaging in a hobby or free-time activity that wasn't intended to get you to the top or radically transform your bank statements. The lost art of enjoying something you might not even have a knack for, because it simply lights you up or winds you down. This Man Repeller article argues the point that we all deserve some interests that don't need their own br