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Sunday Expansion No. 1

Michelle Qazi Home Tour, The Jungalow
Photo: Christel Robleto for The Jungalow

Expansion is a series sharing the beautiful, the thought provoking, the inspirational and

the need-to-know discoveries of the week.



My inner midcentury modern lover and forest enthusiast can’t get enough of this beautifully vintage Seattle home of Long Beach shop owner and southern California native, Michelle Qazi from 6th and Detroit. Check it out over on The Jungalow.


Although the headlines are few and far between these days, the lack of water flowing through California’s central valley is still very much real, with a whopping 500,000 to 1 million residents considered to have trouble accessing clean water. Not to mention the lack of this precious resource to farmers supplying nearly 25% of the countries food supply! Whether you're new to the story of the great California drought or havn’t brushed up on the situation in a while, heres a great article from MindBodyGreen covering whats going on and how our mindset around water is affecting everyone.


This California maker gives me all the feels with her handmade, geometric yet organic mobiles and wall hangings. Love seeing another maker who works with metal and nature in its simplest form to create such joy invoking forms. Discover Electric Sun Creatives on instagram.


Discovering this bands music a few years ago set me off on a life long love affair with all that is Lord Huron. Their music encompasses all my soul is capable of feeling for the wild spirit and adventure seeker that lives within. Even leading me to walk down the aisle on my greatest adventure yet to their “Ends of the Earth”. And their newest album Vide Noir does not disappoint. Have a listen.


If you haven’t hopped on the podcast band wagon yet, sorry my friends…its time. And this one will certainly do the trick and get you hooked for good. I can’t say enough good things about what I learned and all the mind blowing nuggets of knowledge that Living Libations founder, Nadine Artemis has to share about unlocking our bodies instinctual power to give us what we need. In a world full of next best super products coming at us from every angle, this podcast opens us back up to the idea of simply allowing our bodies to be the highly functioning wonder of a being we were created to be, and it's all backed by science. Listen to the two part episode on The Life Stylist Podcast.

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