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Trust in the Process, Trust in the Possibilities

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Most of our lives in this world are spent facing uncertainty, facing the unknown. We work towards goals and milestones, dreams that we have no solid grasp of other than the work we put in and the consistency of days we choose to show up and be present. We make leaps to find a new home, go out on dates, travel to that far off country, and insert ourselves in new social situations. Everyday we are faced with the choice to show up and put trust in ourselves, others and the unknown.

Of course, you could make the choice to deny yourself the pleasure of new things, new endeavors and relationships by living in the realms of fear. You see, we all live in fear and those that tell you not to are simply being ignorant or unrealistic. But its what you choose to do with that fear that creates the life and the experiences you want to call in. I’m sure you have heard this old ramble plenty of times in these days of the millennial energy where anything is possible and schedule and routine are cast to the sides. But I want to tell you that the most beautiful of things can come from choosing to step into fear each and every day as you work towards something that rings true to your being and deliberately trusting the process.

As someone who has tried my best to create a brand that truly expresses my most native thoughts, emotions and creations, I can tell you that not every day is a good day. There will never be a preexistent state of flow in creating or even choosing to create for that matter that rides off into the sunset and lives happily ever after. Every single day you will have to choose with intention to create the things that matter to you, to make the healthy choices, to move your body, to put yourself and your life in the face of fear to continually find new and challenging experiences. To continue to grow and slowly mold closer into the human you most admire. But that process, that grind, that space, whatever you want to call it is sacred in itself. The journey far outweighs the destination, the achievement, the idea of success. And if you cannot bring yourself to understand this (or really just choose to acknowledge it moment by moment), the destination will not bring you the happiness that you believe to be striving for.

In one of my most treasured books, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose, Tolle explains that if the time spent working towards something that you believe in the end will be good and prosperous and helpful to both yourself and others is created or executed in a negative state that supplies the exact opposite throughout the journey it takes to achieve (i.e. anger, resentment, pollution, injury, exploitation, etc.), the end result is no good. The cost outweighs the result and therefore your “happiness” upon receiving that higher accomplishment or state is doomed from the start and cannot give you what you seek.

My husband reminded me of this the other day upon reading the book himself and it is something we should not take lightly. The more we risk losing ourselves and put our true intentions as well as both our own and others happiness in jeopardy in order to reach a greater end result, the more we have failed to see what really holds the utmost importance in our journey on this planet. In our existence here as empathetic, loving, emoting, adventurous beings.

But if your ambitions lead you on a path of investing in yourself, in others, in your craft, in your well being, in learning, in restoring kindness towards all living creatures and our eco systems, in creating genuine moments, it will not matter how long it takes to reach your end state. You may forget what that end state even was when you began because it has evolved and grown and blossomed over time alongside your journey. Your path may shift, your intentions may broaden (or narrow). But all somehow is well.

All has contributed to your unique offering and purpose, both internally and externally in the world. And when you trust in the process of what you are doing, what you are setting out to accomplish or create, you allow it all to become fluid in nature. You allow life and the universe to carve out the space that is meant for you and always has been. Because the blueprints were there even before you thought up your grand plans. The tunnels had been started and the adventure was designated to you and only you.

“Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.” – Danielle Laport

Trust in the process and you will put trust in the possibilities. In the things that not even you could have imagined for your life. And the absolute best part is that if you do, you will never find disappointment or failure waiting for you at the end.

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