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Music To Feed Your Soul

crossley record player and vinyl albums
Photo: Life in Ceremony

I am a true believer that different things will fuel your fire and feed the soul throughout different stages of your life. Sometimes you need space to reflect and be with your own thoughts. Other times you will need to reach out to expand your own beliefs, find inspiration and connect with others. But with all that, I find that each and everyone has a particular life support that they will always return to. The thing that allows them to express their most true form and connect deep within themselves.

For me, that thing is music. It’s long been a main focus in my days, the thing that aids me in finding wonder and peace, energy and enlightenment. When it hasn’t been a large part of my life, it can at times go unnoticed. Until of course, I get back to the music and that flame is reignited. Then there is absolutely no question what it does for me and how it has always lived inside of me. Today was one of those days.

I mended that broken link by firing up my day with some of my most powerful music. That toolbox of mine that can remedy almost any stagnation. Once again today, I feel my heart ablaze and my body and mind buzzing with love for both myself and all of the awe inspiring things this life can offer. A natural high through the sense of hearing. A particular sense of pleasure that only exists for me in this way. I feel reconnected to my being, and the bond only grows stronger as I move through the music that makes up my life. It’s these gratitude inducing tools that we can’t forget for too long. They will always return to you. They will always be there when you need them most. They will always wait patiently aside, ready to reignite your flame for life and the beautiful soul that resides within.

As Bob Dylan so wonderfully put it :

"He not busy being born is busy dying."

Were meant to be reborn all of the time! To spark your own creativity, seek out music that wakes you up to create, to love, to live and to simply be (and a little dancing in between all that too).

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