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Change Is In the Night Sky

Photo: DWRose

A few days ago, we experienced a trifecta of celestial events. On Friday, February 10th a full moon, lunar eclipse and comet shared the night sky in synchronicity. Although this would be considered a substantial event to most, the full moon occurring in Leo that night brought another substantial meaning...that of change.

Whether or not you believe in the power of the zodiac, it is hard to deny that we as humans are connected to the environment around us. And I think that goes for the gravitational elements that surround our earth as well. This full moon has brought along the passing of a chapter and the opening of another that may be experienced in both a grand or subtle way. I know for myself, this has shown itself to be a grand gesture of change. Although I have been faced with the very obvious closing of doors recently, there have also been positive gateways which have presented themselves. Of course, for every action, there is always a reaction and we have the ability to accept and process those actions in a way that allows us to grow and dive deeper into our sense of self. Whether I like it or not, or even want to listen to it, creativity has always been at the foreground of the healing process. Creativity creeps in amongst all the negativity and habitually stubborn ways and opens me up. And if I accept the pull of creativity, each time my true self opens a little wider, unveiling a more complete version of all that is me.

Lately, I have been drawn to explore forms of art and creativity that I would not normally put in my wheelhouse. Yes, I have dabbled in my lifetime with photography, painting and graphic art, but now it seems my soul needs to adventure out of the borders of my creative comfort zone and go into realms more obscured and unknown. Just the same way I discovered the craft of jewelry only a few yeas ago. After all, my main objective for this new year of change has been to enter it with authority and an ignorance of just how afraid I really am of the unknown.

Fear is not only natural but healthy. What is unhealthy is to allow that fear to dictate your life. I believe this is the ultimate waste of time. A life dictated by fear.

Even writing has become a new endeavor that challenges my mind and my soul to interpret the things around me and find my voice in the midst of this noise polluted world we live in. To be able to form fluid yet complete thoughts out of a feeling or a simple observation can seem at times impossible. Yet forcing our minds to go through that process, the process of deciphering all that is within and beyond us, is a growing and healing exercise.

I have come to this place to record my thoughts, my process, and to continue in the search for my own truth. And I am working to receive the waves of change graciously and creatively.

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