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Onward & Inward: Reflections of a Year Come and Gone

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2018. The numbers at the end of that year keep feeling more and more futuristic as the time passes. But our rituals and approach to the shift from the end of a year to the beginning of another seem to stay the same. The majority of people enter this new space with new year’s resolutions but forget that the shift must first occur within their mind, manifested as intention, with a unique purpose behind it. This is the only way that we can hope to grow and expand as the times change, as we mark another year off our lifetime calendars, and as we move forward into an expanding window of possibility.

"We watched the ocean in front of us, the stars above us, the bustle of party goers behind us, and spoke about the fire within us."

The Eve of the New Year for me was spent first in reflection and only then, in celebration. My husband and I spent the evening under the Full Wolf Moon, the first full moon of the year, and a super moon at that! We sat under a bright sky, bathing in its light while creating a light of our own in this world with the fire we had built beside the sea. We watched the ocean in front of us, the stars above us, the bustle of party goers behind us, and spoke about the fire within us. It’s the first time I have spent the transition of years in that way, and I have already spoken my intention of creating that as our New Year’s ritual moving forward. It felt uniquely us, and allowed me personally to both connect within myself and with the elements around me.

Looking back on this past year, there was SO MUCH that occurred in our lives, both on small and grand scales. Yet somehow, each moment was life altering. These moments literally shifted how we will perceive and participate with the world around us and honor the authentic souls and unique missions within us.

We are learning everyday, all of us as humans on this earth. Both collectively and individually. There is no denying that as each year passes we measure its worth in experience, joy, growth and connection. These are the things we come back to at the closing of a year, yet somehow forget their importance throughout many moments of the 365 days in our calendar. Knowing this certainly will help me stay true to my mission of living more intentionally and mindfully through an adaptable, yet minimalist mindset and leaning on the basis of a simplistic but profound sense of purpose.

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