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Desert Dwelling

Emily Henderson
Photo: Emily Henderson

Growing up in southern California, you become accustomed to residing in what is considered a desert climate. Maybe even finding familiarity in desert species of plants and generous clear skies. But around this time each year, the crowds turn their attention to the dusty roads and the mesmerizing swirl of the desert sky. For many it's because of the surge of entertainment that fills the Coachella Valley, but for others, they just know all too well that April begins the perfect climate to drink up the desert in all its glory.

Recently I have found myself swept up in the dreamy world of desert dwelling, looking at the laid back life through a pair of dusty rose colored glasses. Everything about it seems intoxicating. From the masterpiece that is the desert sunset, casting its colors across a seamless sky, to the warm kiss of a dry wind. From the whimsical nature of the army of joshua trees that line the winding roads, to the killer nightly display of guiding stars that band together with the sacred moon to serve as the lone ranger of natural light. As many writers and visitors alike have found it to be, its all too romantic in a desolate kind of way.

Another wander inspiring bonus that has emerged from the deserts is that of interior design. From modern retro to minimalist organic, these dry destinations are filled with originality for design enthusiasts everywhere. I wanted to share some of my favorite desert infused spaces that are circling the internet right now. These spaces are filled with warm wood tones, crisp whites, faded neutrals, modern silhouettes, vibrant pops of color and the ever constant element of nature. Click through the gallery below for some essential desert dwelling.

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