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Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

nature path
Photo: Life in Ceremony

I was listening to a new podcast just the other day, something that has quickly become one of my favorite past times while doing work or when I simply need a moment to myself. The podcast’s hosts mentioned a really beautiful thought or rather imagery that had been brought to their attention while listening to the words of another inspiring individual on the topic of creating intention and living through truth. They referenced the fact that in the film The Wizard of Oz, each of the four characters who were searching for their own truth, Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, together would take a step forward on the infamous yellow brick road, and as they stepped forward, a new brick would appear that would eventually become the path they were seeking.

The second I heard this, I felt like I had this ahah moment of sorts. That light bulb went on over my head and I saw that this was the most beautiful introduction they could have created to the message they were speaking on behalf of: living in the light of your truth and creating intention through each and every step.

You see, I have spent the majority of this year (and admittedly much of my recent years) devoting my thoughts to how I could create a life that felt purposeful, giving each day meaning and allowing me to crave complete presence in each and every moment. Although much of my inner discoveries have led me to find truths that are much closer to greater clarity, the big question I have always struggled with is HOW? What steps, leaps and efforts will get me to where I am trying to go? I admittedly have always struggled so much with taking action because I felt like I literally needed to have it all mapped out before ever embarking on my journey.

And as you would expect, this exact mindset was the key thing keeping me from doing anything of much substance. From taking any real action towards the life I was trying to manifest. I have been in a way paralyzed in fear of the imperfect plan.

Well not anymore…I don’t know how it took me so long to have this great epiphany, but now that I am aware, there is no going back. It is as if the constant message of “embrace the unknown” is finally making sense to me, and it only took a thousand and one times of hearing it for it to click into place!

So as I move forward trying to decode the master plan of not really having a plan at all, I feel the need to really hold tight to my intentions. I see now that my intentions must serve as my guide instead of this concrete, step-by-step instructional I was originally hoping to develop. Because as long as my actions are aligned with my most pure intentions, I can never stray from the path of my purpose and own truth. And thus, I will always land in a place that is “right” for me.

One of my new favorite quotes that has helped me embrace uncertainty and succumb to the flow of life is this:

“There is no right. There is only showing up and doing.”

So simply it depicts the message. Because in all reality, it is just that simple.


Because I had such a wonderful revelation while exploring the messages these unique ladies were putting out into the world, I of course would invite you to have a listen for yourself and support these two women, Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra, who are finding their own truth each and every day through their podcast, Your Own Magic. They just got started in October of this year, and it is so beautiful and inspiring to see others putting themselves out there and releasing beautiful and informative messages with the power of modern day connectivity.

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