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Breaking Free

Photo: Life in Ceremony

In our home, we have a relationship with our plants. They look to us for nourishment and care and in a sense become our children. So when one of our green children is not doing well or is barely hanging on, we can't bring ourselves to toss it aside as if it were not a living, breathing organism. We usually cut off the healthy portion and place it caringly in water and not far from sun in order to allow it to find new roots and thus new life amongst soil and vessel.

I can't help but see this is as a metaphor for life lately. Things have been hard, and there has been a lot of surrendering occurring, but I think what we need is to use this as a chance to cut off ties to the things that are holding us back, the things that are keeping us from growing...and grow new, stronger roots. Roots that will support us as we move forward into life. We must surrender the dead weight so that we can be as vibrant and as full of life as we were meant to be. We must utilize all of our precious energy and resources in order to best care and foster the character and ultimately life we crave and desire. We must never allow ourselves to become so attached to the physical that we cannot continue to grow in this life, forgetting that we are not only of the physical but also of the spirit.

This leads me to understand that this idea would be quite difficult to apply to our own lives within the absence of solid direction and a cooperative, mindful soul. Unless we utilize these humanly vessels we have been given in synchronization with our spirit and mind, we will always find a deep attachment to the physical plain we find ourselves in.

Knowing this, I have challenged myself to use the ups and downs of life as small exercises to adapt and release what is no longer serving me. In that sense, it is the same process and the ultimate goal to declutter our lives and our possessions, but instead, this process lies within my heart and relies on my minds ability to exist in a mindful state.

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