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As anyone who owns a small business, sells handmade goods, or even runs an internet centric business will tell you, your online presence is one of the most crucial components to your success. And what can sell your products or services better than great photography? In this age of tech and modern, clean design, crisp product photography has become a key factor in my work. And when it comes to my earth minded, handmade jewelry line, Dear East Love West, it really is what keeps everything going.

I recently decided that I was ready for an upgrade and a complete overhaul on the product photography that represents my work and essentially my brand. In the weeks leading into summer, I was hard at work preparing new designs for a new season and welcomed the challenge of finding a better way to present my creations to the world. And when it comes to the web and any online market like Etsy, it really is the whole world you are working with.

I took a look at my jewelry and aimed to reroute my photography method to better serve its purpose. Dear East Love West always falls in line with earthy elements, simplistic and geometric shapes, and bohemian textures and silhouettes coming together to represent the modern day woman. She is a mix of everything. And with so many pieces of the puzzle going into the jewelry itself, I needed to set a backdrop that supported and enhanced the designs, yet was staged simply and thoughtfully enough to disappear when needed.

So black and white it was! Not only is this a completely timeless pair, but I loved that the materials I had brought together for contrast also created such an amazing variety of texture and was a well rounded representation of mother earth. The elements present included stone, marble, wood and ceramic pottery. All different yet all so cohesive. Now looking back at the final product, I continue to revel in the fact that I was also able to bring my love for interior design and styling into the mix with my jewelry. This just solidifies my testimony that you can practice it all. Because no matter what, all design intertwines...and I couldn't be happier because of it.

To see more of the line, Dear East Love West, and my product photography refresh, visit the SHOP section of the website or the Etsy shop.

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