Minimalism for Maximal Statement

Photo: Anthropologie

Although abstract art has always held a firm stance in the world of artists and appreciators around the world, it seems that the minimalist approach is becoming more of a mainstream interest. It has broken free from the restraints of the high end art galleries and well seasoned connoisseur and become a more accessible and more sought after aesthetic, even among the younger millennial generation. One of the most striking, popular and ironically more simplistic forms of abstract art igniting trend alerts among designers, consumers and major brand names is black and white brush art.

You could easily say this style derives from Asian art, calligraphy work and ethnic cultures. But here, it seems to be reinvented as an abstract form, created without literal meaning, therefore open to the individuals interpretation. One might say it carries a feeling or energy, especially those pieces with fluid motion and repetitious pattern. What a uniquely primitive way to bring good vibes into your space. Some are executed simply enough that any one of us could think "I could do that", but it takes a special eye and just the right balance and flow to create the perfect minimal approach to pack maximal punch.

Take a look at the gallery below for some organically abstract inspiration in black and white.

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