The Journey Begins

Photo: Life in Ceremony

Well seeing as today is Halloween, it felt appropriate to make my first official journal entry here on Life in Ceremony. After all, Halloween is a time where we as a society allow anyone to become anything for just one night. Well I am going to dive into this to become the individual and the creative that I want to be, and let's hope it only continues to become more and more true as the days go on.

So many things in life have brought me to this place. The place I now find myself in, a very confusing place. For a long time I have felt a pull of interest and desire between many different avenues. I have tried to define my passion for jewelry or graphic design, interior design or architecture, music or writing. But as I have gotten older, I have realized that we are uniquely complex beings. Able to grasp many ideas and enjoy and seek out the bigger picture rather than one minute detail at a time.

This is how I view design. It is present in all things, yet finds a completely unique experience between industries. I grew up as a ballet dancer, living each day within the design of the human body and choreographing of movement. I then went on to study graphic design and art in college, diving head first into the world of finely tuned design through layout, typography and two and three dimensional aesthetic and function. After spending some time in the graphic design industry, I took a leap into interior design as a side job. I had grown up with a mother and aunt who worked in interior design, so revisiting this realm of design, possibly the most widely present realm of design in our society, felt warmly familiar. One of my most recent chapters of design has been jewelry design and creation. I have always had an extensive passion for jewelry and personal adornments and when I began to create my own pieces, I learned to work with my hands, literally using the tools of the trade. It at times almost feels like a complete circle back to working with only the constraints of my own well trained body in dance, yet now I work under the constraints and limitations of raw metals and the tools used to shape and transform them.

I am sure like many others, I have allowed all of these different perspectives of a creative life to confuse and limit my possibilities. I have been told numerous times that I must pick one or else I will never succeed in any. That to get anywhere in design, I must focus my efforts and time in one direction. But I think we forget that choosing a life in design and creation is probably one of the most flexible life choices a person could make. As I said earlier, design is ever present and how could we possibly put limitations on something that has proven to be such a constant?

And with all this in mind, this is the now the place I find myself. Choosing to not put limitations on my work and my passions, but rather seeing how I might expand them all, individually and as a whole. This is the place in which I have created this space. A space I can tie all of my loose ends up together and create something stronger. A space that will explore design in all realms, from graphic design, architecture, interior design, jewelry, art and who knows...maybe even music and dance. I am leaving it open to evolve as it will, but this is my starting place. This is the beginning of my journey.

I hope that as I work on this journal, my work will evolve, my creativity will grow, my writing will be translucent and inspired, and the bubble I live in will begin to expand as I challenge myself in new ways. Please feel free to stick around and see what happens.

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