Life in Ceremony, formerly Dear East Love West, began in 2014 when a life long passion for adornment and design came to fruition as an earth minded company. The inception of the small business founded by Mia D'Agui Bingham, came from a desire for an outlet of creative freedom after years of exercising a skillset in design, branding, color theory, photography and the arts as a Graphic Designer in the entertainment industry.

​As Life in Ceremony progressed and evolved, so would its offerings. With a deep connection to the natural world, Mia remolded the brand to offer both adornment and creative services for ceremonial events, while planting 5 trees for each love story she has the honor of telling.


Life in Ceremony is best described by its owner as a love letter, aiming to reach the world through earth minded creations. No longer serving as just an artistic outlet, Mia strives to utilize her work as a contribution back to the earth which she receives her materials. Strong values were established very early on for sourcing materials that are eco-friendly and always made or distributed in the USA. As of 2017, the company sought out to help reforestation efforts in North America, partnering with and planting five trees for each and every purchase. This has become an effort that Mia prides her work on and hopes to teach other small businesses and individuals that every one can play a part in preserving our great mother earth.


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Mia's experience in the arts and design has flowed through many iterations over the years. Beginning her journey through visual storytelling as a ballet dancer and performer, she then stepped into the world of design, studying as a graphic designer in San Francisco. Her passions led her to create adornment through both visual and material means, offering the art of naturally sourced and ethical jewelry to her community. Following her own wedding, Mia became swept away with the creativity and uniqueness of ceremonial events and has led Life in Ceremony into the niche market of serving couples on their own journey to love.


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