Life in Ceremony was born from an innate desire to create beauty that serves a purpose. It's a collection of key moments in life that provide the fundamental ability to shape what we put out into the world and the message we portray.


You see, each of us has the unique ability to intentionally create the world around us. Some intentions are reserved just for the individual, but others can be shared to support the community and energy we are calling in at any given stage in our life.


Whether it be branding for your small business to draw in the right audience, crafting a beautifully executed home space thats both lived in and welcoming, or sharing the celebration of a lifetime with those that mean the most to you, every instance of our lives forms the perfect opportunity to inspire purpose, belonging and self expression.

Here at Life in Ceremony were passionate about beauty in function, wanderlust, creative living, simple joys, and a definition of happiness and success that lives in the eye of the beholder. With an emphasis on profound simplicity and purpose, we're here to create design with intention that serves you.

xo  Mia Bingham






Mia's experience in the arts and design has flowed through many iterations over the years. Beginning her journey through visual storytelling as a ballet dancer and performer, which delivered a cultured upbringing of travel and theater, she then stepped into the world of design. Mia began her studies as a graphic designer at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco and dove into a career in entertainment and production. Following her own wedding in 2016, Mia became swept away with the unique creation of ceremonial events and has since guided her work to serve couples on their own journey to love.

With a background rich in interior design, thanks to her families interests, and years spent as a visual merchandiser, Mia's eye for interior spaces became just another way to express her creativity. At 23, Mia began to discover the concept of minimalism, which has profoundly changed her life and created clarity and freedom to find and explore her values. Thus the intricate variety of offerings became a natural progression into what Life in Ceremony has become today. 


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