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Consider your space as a mirror reflecting your true inner state. It's been said time and time again, but a cluttered space invokes (and mimics) a cluttered mind. To allow your space to serve you, your family, and your life, it's important to face it with a critical eye. Does this space serve my present? My future? My hopes and goals? Life In Ceremony can help you live at ease with an uncluttered, intentional space, whether that be your home, office, or business, that sets the stage for your ultimate wellbeing.




Whether you're seeking to intentionally design for an intimate gathering, a personal passion project, or your small (but mighty) business, Life in Ceremony is here to guide the way. We've crafted exquisite and mindful creative projects across the multi-colored spectrum that allow the space and clarity to evoke direction and a clear message. Not to mention a bit of awe!
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Experiences make up the breaths of our lives. The moments held dear. It's what we work for! So let's craft them in a way that exudes the remarkable presence that we as humans are capable of experiencing. If not for the moment, then to inspire a new way of approaching each day thereafter. A purposeful design will give you the day you've been waiting for! And leave your guests with their cups full. Let's craft connection, community and presence together for an unforgettable gathering!



From the often mistaken mundane moments of our daily routines to the joyous occasions
we celebrate, waste tends to be inevitable. But what if you could do something that would
give back to the earth and the life that resides here in a real way for generations to come?
I've got good can! Work with Life in Ceremony and 
Want to take your green project one step further?
We offer an additional printing service which utilizes nothing but 100% Recycled premium quality papers, Vegetable and Soy based inks, and 100% Cotton paper alternatives made from discarded cotton blossoms, which are deemed worthless from fashion industry production.


 we plant five trees in honor of 
 mama earth herself.


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